The Following Resources are School Based Websites and Applications which are Commonly Found to Help with Middle and High School Students

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


Mathway is a simple math-based tool which helps solve and explain basic and advanced math equations.


This math related tool is a website helper made for the Big Ideas Math textbook series. This website is specifically made for this textbook series and helps to solve and explain each workbook answer.

Outdoor Study Group


Although this application is mainly used for more simplistic math, it can also be used for both simple and semi-advanced mathematical equations.

School LIbrary


Khan Academy is an online teaching tool which teaches 7 different subjects and even has a built it test prep tool!


Google's Socratic is a mobile application which helps to solve all types of problem and equations. This application gives answers to various course questions and problems.

Typewriter Keys


MLA Formatting is a common essay format used in most essays and English course rubrics. Shown below is the checklist with everything required to successfully format your essay/paragraph.

These steps should be performed BEFORE writing your essay. Please note these steps are applicable to google documents and may not be accurate for other documentation platforms.

  • Title your document

  • Select Times New Roman font and use 12 point text size

  • Use left aligned text

  • Select 1 inch margins via the page set up in the file settings

  • Select double line spacing and make sure the spacing says, "add space before paragraph" and "add space after paragraph"

  • Select insert and then select header and page number, then select page number. Select the top left image.

  • This should create a document header. When looking at the header, move your cursor to the left of the one and write your last name. After writing your last name select space and then enter.

After these steps you will begin creating your essay or paragraph. Please keep in mind there are still more steps to complete your format.

  • Following the before steps you will write your first and last name.

  • After this move to the next row and type your teachers name.

  • Next, move to the next row and write your class name, grade, a dash, and then your class hour.

Ex: ELA11-3rd hour ​​

  • Move to the next row down and write the date in the correct MLA usage.

EX: 18 October 2020

  • Create your title on the new row. The title should be centered on the document. After creating the title return the left aligned text.

Please note that throughout creating your document you may have to cite text or other forms of revision that is not listed above. Below is an example essay image which is correctly MLA formatted (click on the image to read it).